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Statistics Edit

Genesehres big
[[Image:{{{star system map}}}|300px]]
Genesehres Star System
Star Name Onir & Titan IV
Scientific Name BP1:Genesehres
Class 2.0, 2.0
Avg Temperature 10,459 kin
Luminosity 6.41
Mass Onir:9.1912E+26 SMU

Titan IV:1.3787E+27 SMU

Radius 1,444 centipars
Age 20.3 billion GY
Governorship {{{star governorship}}}
Government Republic
Governor {{{system governor}}}
Alliances N/A
Largest Civilization Tetnik
Capital Tetnicaria
Weights and Measures HCM
Language Tetnithit
Society Class Type A: Intergalactic Society
Population 40 billion
Anthem N/A
Motto Education is Power
Currency Tens
Productivity N/A
Imports Technology, Information, Engineering, Chemicals
Exports N/A

Location Edit

Universe-->Basilicus Prime Cluster-->Basilicus Prime Galaxy-->Ionro Arm-->Kelos Sector-->Genesehres System

Worlds Edit

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Government Edit

The Genesehres Council is the sytem's governing body, consisting of one representative from each planet except Aragithia and Nano.

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History Edit

At one point, there were hundreds of planets in the Genesehres System, but at the creation of Titan IV, the system's second sun, almost all of those planets were destroyed, along with many species that called the system home. Only five planets survived, Reex, the original homeworld of the Tetnik, Aragithia, fragments of Nano, Pelnome, and Jijitris.

Wars Edit

Society Edit

There are four seperate societies in the Genesehres System:

Genesehrian Society: This society includes the Tetnik, any non-Aragithian Forseers, Helics, and Kelosians that have included themselves in the interstellar commerce. Most members of this society are Tetnik, and inhabit either Reex or Jijitris. This is a Type A-B society.

Pelnome Society: This society is made up of the Loo from the planet Pelnome. This is a Type D society.

Nano Society: This society is made up of the Pyris from the planet Nano. This is a Type D society.

Aragithian Society: This society is made up of the inhabitants of Aragithia. This is a Type D society.

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