CosÊvranno is an offshoot of the language Esoranto, the language originally institutionalized as the language of communication at the spacecraft's launch. This evolved over the next two centuries of interstellar travel, and produced several descendant languages, yet retained its original form as an international language studied by the educated (a la Latin). The speakers of this language live in the continent of Arda on the planet Eltos, an alternative destination to the planet Coselan, the original destination.

"La liuo êvranna" or the Evrannan language, is the result of the naturalization of Esoranto, and included a major orthographic and phonological reform, executed by a committee, and formalized by the majority of the general public (the reason for the large native speaker count), and transmitted thereafter via the familial environment.

The orthography is a deeper one. It mostly conveys morphological rather than phonetic information, much like English.

Here is this page translated into Êvranno

Eivranno a ou idou da liuo Esoranto, la liu ue noumiâ comua puialiu contempe coma lassão da cosmaxio. Tiodo liuo xiadei trass'a proixmas dus cenharos da vedrão trastella, y frei muais lius idais, se tei dial uai seiu comoy entrenaxial liu stuâ porra educau (al latio). La parlannus da tiodo liuo vivae na sorrelanneio Arda, surra Xaio Eltos, ou alha magmespuo que Cosselio, la ua magmespuo.

La liuo eivram ã magmessazo da natrião de Esperanto, y ancaudei ou granda refrãol affaveial y soixazal, fria por ou comiao, formhia porra puio, y trastia post porra famio.