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2 Cresii I is the first planet orbiting the star 2 Cresii in the Ionro Arm of Basilicus Prime. Its mean radius is 3,941.968 kdul. The semi-major axis of 2 Cresii I's orbit is 2.068484904 × 107 kdul, and its sidereal year is 87.447036738 dd. Its axial tilt is 0.130218228π rad. As the planet is tidally locked, the length of the day is equal to that of the year. About 70.89% of the surface is covered by water, most of which consists of a liquid ocean. The remaining 29.11% not covered by water consists of land. 2 Cresii I has a Bond albedo of 0.307.

Since 2 Cresii I is tidally locked, one year is arbitrarily divided into 55 days of 15.899461225 dh.

2 Cresii I was the first extrasolar colony of the Republic of Cresia.