The 30 Galaxy Cup was the inaugural edition of the Galaxy Cup. Two galaxies, Avopei-Larru and Basilicus Prime, participated. Each sent in one team.

The cup was a simple two-legged, home-and-away match between the two teams. Before the cup, only three "full" intergalactic Ioroball matches had been held.

The Avopei-Larru entrant, Ma'Paler, was determined by the 30 ICS Ioroball Cup. The Basilicus Prime entrant, Crystaldeep, was the only Basilican Ioroball team at the time, and even had its training ground within Avopei-Larru (The Arena, Castenona, Crelina). Crystaldeep therefore played their home match at The Arena. Ma'Paler chose the Cosseli Grand Stadium, Cosseli, Ma'Paler for their home match.


30 AKR
Ma'Paler Ma'Paler Flag 10 - 0 Crystaldeep flag Crystaldeep Cosseli Grand Stadium, Cosseli, Ma'Paler
A. Zenigz 3'
Danekry 20'
V. Zenigz 25' 35' 67' (pen) 88'
N. Zenigz 45' 58' 85' 90+1'
30 AKR
Crystaldeep Crystaldeep flag 2 - 7 Ma'Paler Flag Ma'Paler The Arena, Castenona, Crelina
Metocampos 18' (pen)
Ajevid 60'
G. Zenigz 11' 50'
M. Odes 20'
N. Zenigz 23' 40' 90+1'
A. Zenigz 77'

Ma'Paler won 17-2 on aggregate, becoming the first Galaxy Cup champion team. By extension, Avopei-Larru was the first Galaxy Cup champion galaxy.

 30 Galaxy Cup Winners 
Ma'Paler Flag
First title


There have been 19 goals scored in 2 games, giving an average of 9.5 goals per game.

Seven goals

  • Ma'Paler Nivel Zenigz

Four goals

  • Ma'Paler Vasal Zenigz

Two goals

  • Ma'Paler Aeawer Zenigz
  • Ma'Paler George Zenigz

One goal

  • Crystaldeep Enelan Ajevid
  • Crystaldeep Geros Metocampos
  • Ma'Paler Nis Danekry
  • Ma'Paler Matiu Odes


Team awards

  • 1st place/Gold: Ma'Paler Flag Ma'Paler (by extension, Avopei-Larru)
  • 2nd place/Silver: Crystaldeep flag Crystaldeep (by extension, Basilicus Prime)
  • Fair Play Award: Ma'Paler Flag Ma'Paler

Player awards

  • Best Scorer: Ma'Paler Nivel Zenigz
  • Best Keeper: Ma'Paler Darrell D'yan
  • Most Valuable Player: Ma'Paler Vasal Zenigz