The 35 Castenona Ioroball Championship was an interplanetary Ioroball championship held at The Arena, Castenona, Crelina. It was held because of the cancellation of the 9th-16th place bracket of the 35 ICS Ioroball Cup, and has the same format. The two matches that had been held (Aqualis vs Jeji, Gljed vs Erinna) were not re-held, and the results from the Cup used instead.


Main bracket[]

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Aqualis Flag Aqualis  1 (4)
 Jeji Flag Jeji (pen)  1 (5)  
 Jeji Flag Jeji  2
     Calista  1  
 Calista (aet)  2
 Latimu  1  
 Jeji Flag Jeji  4
   League Flag Eden  0
 Shaza  2
 League Flag Eden  3  
 League Flag Eden  2 Third place
     Erinna  0  
 Gljed  2
 Calista  1
 Erinna  4  
 Erinna  3

Bottom bracket[]

  Semi-finals Final
 Aqualis Flag Aqualis  3  
 Latimu  2  
     Aqualis Flag Aqualis (aet)  2
   Shaza  1
Third place
 Shaza  4  Latimu  3
 Gljed  1    Gljed  2