The 39 ICS Ioroball Cup was the 13th edition of the ICS Ioroball Cup.

It was held on Krist'ri, in the cities of Cinei, Zuni, Lumiz and Krisni.


Group stage[]

Group/poule winners and runners-up advance to the Elimination stage.

Poule A[]

  1. Crelina flag Crelina
  2. Krist'ri Flag Krist'ri
  3. Aeca
  4. Tillus
39 AKR
Krist'ri Krist'ri Flag 2 - 2 Tillus Cinei, Krist'ri
39 AKR
Crelina Crelina flag 6 - 0 Aeca Cinei, Krist'ri
39 AKR
Krist'ri Krist'ri Flag 3 - 5 Crelina flag Crelina Cinei, Krist'ri
39 AKR
Tillus 2 - 4 Aeca Cinei, Krist'ri
39 AKR
Aeca 0 - 1 Krist'ri Flag Krist'ri Cinei, Krist'ri
39 AKR
Tillus 4 - 4 Crelina flag Crelina Cinei, Krist'ri

Poule B[]

  1. Ma'Paler Flag Ma'Paler
  2. Flag of Varlsidor Varlsidor
  3. Aqualis Flag Aqualis
  4. Xanadu

Poule C[]

  1. Flag of Tianonnis Tianonnis
  2. Flag of Capital Capital
  3. Flag of Bastrion Bastrion
  4. Ma'Paler III Flag Ma'Paler III

Poule D[]

  1. Jeji Flag Jeji
  2. Yuci
  3. League Flag Eden
  4. Flag of Serendipity Serendipity

Elimination stage[]

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Crelina flag Crelina (aet)  3
 Flag of Varlsidor Varlsidor  2  
 Crelina flag Crelina  4
     Krist'ri Flag Krist'ri  1  
 Ma'Paler Flag Ma'Paler  1
 Krist'ri Flag Krist'ri  2  
 Crelina flag Crelina  0
   Jeji Flag Jeji  1
 Flag of Tianonnis Tianonnis  3
 Yuci  0  
 Flag of Tianonnis Tianonnis  0 (3) Third place
     Jeji Flag Jeji (pen)  0 (4)  
 Jeji Flag Jeji  6
 Krist'ri Flag Krist'ri  1
 Flag of Capital Capital  3  
 Flag of Tianonnis Tianonnis  6


39 AKR
Crelina Crelina flag 3 - 2 (a.e.t.) Flag of Varlsidor Varlsidor Zuni, Krist'ri
39 AKR
Ma'Paler Ma'Paler Flag 1 - 2 Krist'ri Flag Krist'ri Lumiz, Krist'ri
39 AKR
Tianonnis Flag of Tianonnis 3 - 0 Yuci Cinei, Krist'ri
39 AKR
Jeji Jeji Flag 6 - 3 Flag of Capital Capital Krisni, Krist'ri


39 AKR
Crelina Crelina flag 4 - 1 Krist'ri Flag Krist'ri Cinei, Krist'ri
39 AKR
Tianonnis Flag of Tianonnis 0 - 0 (a.e.t.) Jeji Flag Jeji Zuni, Krist'ri
3 - 4

Third place match[]

39 AKR
Krist'ri Krist'ri Flag 1 - 6 Flag of Tianonnis Tianonnis Lumiz, Krist'ri


39 AKR
Crelina Crelina flag 0 - 1 Jeji Flag Jeji Cinei, Krist'ri
Masi 90+1' (pen)

 39 ICS Ioroball Cup Winners 
Jeji Flag
First title

Killing of Mark Navis[]

Less than fifteen minutes after the final, ended by a last-minute penalty taken by Broyan Masi, Mark Navis, the Jeji team's captain, was shot and killed by a Crelina supporter. There had already been riots after the first semifinal, where Crelina defeated the hosts, Krist'ri, and numerous cases of spectator violence even outside of the actual matches.

As a result of the incident, the Krist'ri Ioroball Association was suspended from the ICS Ioroball Confederation for the next four years (for not providing adequate security and for rioting), and the Crelina Ioroball Association for the next twenty (for rioting and the killing of Mark Navis). By extension, the Krist'ri planetary Ioroball team was unable to play for the next two cups, and Crelina planetary Ioroball team for the next ten.