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AFE is the standard timeline used by the Eternal Empire. 1 AFE (1 year After the Founding of the Empire) is equal to 2 GY, considering the fact it is based on one year of Jagga. The timeline began at 1 AFE (c. 21,245 GST) when Everstone, Stratea, and Hunter City were built by the first Eternal Emperor, Hunter I. The current year is 451 AFE (c. 22,147 GST).


-200 AFE: Archaeologists believe this is the start of the Arienic Peoples' civilization. 

1 AFE: The city of Everstone is founded by Hunter I. He becomes the first Eternal Emperor. The Eternal Empire starts.

2 AFE: The colony of Stratea is founded.

3 AFE: The Devaka Rebellion begins. Hunter City is built.

4 AFE: The Devaka Rebellion ends. The Oceanic Wars begin. The Expansion Era starts. Hunter II becomes the 2nd Eternal Emperor.

20 AFE: The First Imperial Civil War begins.

35 AFE: The First Imperial Civil War ends.

69 AFE: The Ocean Kingdom is finally captured. The Oceanic Wars end.

78 AFE: The War for Jagga, caused by the Eternal Emperor Dante the Conqueror, begins.

119 AFE: The War for Jagga ends, with the Eternal Empire ruling over all of Jagga.

137 AFE: The Imperial Corsairs is founded.

143 AFE: The Second Imperial Civil War begins. The Second Battle of the Sirian Strait takes place.

147 AFE: The Second Imperial Civil War ends.

148 AFE: New Star City is built.

150 AFE: The last of the Arienic peoples dies off.

200 AFE: The city of Everstone is divided into Old Everstone and New Everstone.

400 AFE: Galquaz is built.

446 AFE: Arven of Hunter City discovers the Arcturus system.

447 AFE: Arven of Hunter City discovers the Illumin system. The Sirian Wars start.

448 AFE: Rokar is discovered by a team of Imperial scientists.

449 AFE: The Sirian Wars end.

450 AFE: Arven of Hunter City discovers the Valorun system. The Saledian Federation merges into the Eternal Empire.

451 AFE: The Third Imperial Civil War begins. Wistra City is built. Revus the Great succeeds as Eternal Emperor, ending the Third Imperial Civil War. The Empire enters the Char'in Civil War. The Battle of Nalon and the Battle of Talos takes place.