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A World Without Stars is an epic poem attributed to the poet Archmenesis, chronicling the War of the Golden Scimitar a legendary series of battles that involved many of the Authlanis gods and set the groundwork for what would become contemporary society on Authlanis. Following is the poem in its various sections, as translated by the Zealous Magisary Book and Tome Depository and Library at the Magisary Domain.


T'was before time that the Cosmos unveiled
A reality of all dominions
And then upon darkness the Cosmos hailed
The fruits of their past deliberations

All things that were, and all things that will be
All people who lived, all people who will
Was then created on land, air and sea
Then too was born all heat, moisture and chill

But in the darkness the Cosmos did see
That all things were not perfect near nor far
And so they remodeled reality
And built they The Truth and The Way Things Are

On Mount Because the Cosmos they did rest
But their world the Golden Scimitar will test.

The First Part of the Legend[]

The Plummet
Known just as The Man With The Wide Brimmed Hat
He was slain one dark eve by The Huge One
And from the soil 'neath his epitaph
The sounds of Uule's Choir came with dawn.

On a hill his spirit stood in silence
As the dream of Uule came up to take him
The man watched Uule and then swore violence
Plans of life after death birthed upon whim

There was an ancient chant the man did know
It came deep from the Jin of old tales said
And as Uule climbed the hill to take his soul
The Man With The Wide Brimmed Hat took his head.

The Cosmos cried on Mount Because's summit
With the death of Uule the man did plummet.

The Ambassador Comes
In sacred halls of the Magisary
Before dawn, this day, had come to her birth
An ambassador came with misery
'Neath her tiny arms and her weightless girth

'Twas a knight that first saw her they do say
Her mission presented she in full light
But the knight was merely on watch that day
And her mission's scope was not in his sight

The ambassador come from Land of Uule
Was dismayed at the time she had wasted
And so in a frightful magical dual
The fairy's wrath the knight truly tasted.

Don't anger Mycia of Uule legends warn
Or you shall rue the day that you were born.

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