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Aboli Focol
Aboli Focol Flag
Galactic Coordinates (1,2,-24,47,02)
Region Core Worlds
System Focol System
Sun(s) Abo
Moon(s) 2
Planet Type Terrestrial
Atmosphere 15% CO2

25% O2 59% N2 1% Other

Terrain Desert sand
Native Species None
Immigrated Species Iorou
Primary Language Galactic
Population 3 Million
Major Cities Renia


Affiliation ICS Flag Independent Coalition of Systems

Aboli Focol is one of the outer Core Worlds, which is part of the sparsely populated Luti Sector. Aboli Focol is a parched desert planet that has one ocean. The planet itself is one of the Bare Worlds of this area of the Core, so there are very few people on planet. This has not stopped beings from colonizing the planet, but instead of living on the planet, the inhabitants live in complex ships that orbit in a continual high-atmosphere path. The presence of the rare mineral, Orcalic.