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  • Seyaran staff
    • Controls the matter of Adenedas
    • Stores all of this matter within it
    • Multiplies Aden's lifespan by a factor of 100, including the time required to kill him
  • Core of Power from Hollowstar (Transfers heat from one place to another)


Aden has six different techniques that he uses regularly, but is able to perform any bit of magic that is directly tied to one of the four basic elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind). His magic usually does not drain his own energy, but instead uses up the energy in his staff.

His favorite six attacks:

  • Elemental Blast (a not-too-strong blast of any one of the four elements. This drains his internal energy, not his staff.)
  • Living Torch Summon (Creates a creature of fire. This creature is not initially capable of doing anything, but each time a fire attack is used in its vicinity, it becomes capable of using that attack repeatedly.)
  • Earth's Fury (Each time Aden is attacked, a small golem with the same composition as the ground appears to block the attack).
  • Ocean (A huge amount of water surges out of Aden's staff, without much force. This water usually stays for a while, neutralizing fire and drowning those unable to swim.)
  • Ceala Sea (This is identical to Ocean, except for two things: one, it is impossible to drown in it, as the water is breathable as air, and two, it temporarily nullifies all magic that is not Ceala-based.)
  • Atmosphere Thickening (Over a very wide area, all wind-based attacks double in power. This can be used repeatedly an unlimited number of times, but ends whenever another wide-area attack is used.)


Aden was put in charge of a world and ordered to protect it. He was given the Seyaran staff to assist him in this task. In addition to the above abilities, it multiplies his normal lifespan by 100. His original name was Adenedas, from his personal name and "edas" meaning the master of a world or a world with a master (the world and its master have the same name).

After a thousand years of fighting off invaders, both demonic and mortal, his world was destroyed by the rogue android Iban. Not really knowing what had destroyed what he was set to protect, he absorbed all of the matter of Adenedas into his staff and went out to wreak his revenge on all things evil and anything with the power to destroy a planet. Not having any particular place to protect has made him into a long-range strike fighter.