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Adrianna Owen
Biographical Information
Birth 2724 AKR
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Home Crelina flag Crelina
Physical Information
Species Iorou
Gender Female
Height 1.8 Ki
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Steel Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Independent Coalition of Systems

Adrianna Owen is the 1375th president of the Independent Coalition of Systems. She was also the 111th Senator from the planet Crelina, in the Yuci System. During her term as president, the Third Galactic War broke out between the ICS, the Empire of Worlds, and the Federated Systems.

Early Life[]

Adrianna Cecilia Owen was born during the second month of the year 2724 AKR, to parents Aurelien and Athène Owen. Aurelien was a representative for Crelina to the Yucian Council from 2700-2708 AKR. The Owen family is very influential on Crelina, Princess Amelia Joanna, future monarch of Crelina, is Adrianna's cousin. Owen's early life was very pampered with numerous servants and helpers. Her first touch with politics was when her father persuaded the Crelina Parliament to vote Owen the second Coalition Senator in 2742.

Senator (2744 - 2750)[]

Voted to the position of senator at the age of 20, Owen was the youngest Coalition Senator. As a senator, Owen was strongly independent and disliked having senatorial guards following her. She was against the bill that would cause the taxation of trade routes into the EoW and the FS, and lead the opposition to expanding the ICS navy. While not a pacifist, Owen does what she can to avoid conflict. Owen would be re-elected, by a unanimous vote, in 2748. During her second term as senator, tension began to build between the three intergalactic governments. Owen would frequently be sent on diplomatic missions to the EoW and the FS. Most of these missions were simple peace-keeping missions to prevent the outbreak of another war. Peace was a very big issue, as full-scale war had not broken out in over 600 years.


Owen was elected president in the year 2750, the last year of her term as senator, by a slim margin over Jayden Parker. During her first term as president, Owen's administration was very much liked and gained a large amount of popularity. Despite her peace-keeping efforts, war was declared in the year 2752. The Senate quickly voted to extend the president's term from two to four years, to provide additional stability. Owen quickly pushed through a bill that would increase the ICS navy and stationed ships at the edge of Coalition space.