Average Height 2.44 kilena
Skin Color Bluish
Hair Color Brown, Blonde, Black (Usually all with bright color tinges)
Distinctions Bipedal, Near-Iorou
Average Lifespan 80 years
Homeworld Jeji
Language Jejiian

Galactic (Often)

Races Aizai, various others
Famous Members Brayden Hayes


Common Attribution: Aedatani

Categorical Attribution: Iedora Aeda

Home Star System: Jeji

Star Systems of Prominence:

Population Data: 2.1 Trillion

Civilization Class: Type B: Interstellar Society


Aedatani are a sentient bipedal Near-Iorou species that are from the planet Jeji. They are characterized by the blue-green color of the skin and natural flexability. Their bodies tend to be very light, which is often attributed to their lack of both body fat and heavy muscle. The species is naturally very flexible and agile compared to the standard Iorou. The species is on average over 2 kilena in height, which makes them on of the taller Near-Iorou species.


The Aedatani race have a greater proportion of spinal disks than the Iorou, as well as a spindally fiber that is incorporated in their bones, both of which have given them an amazing flexablity and agility. It has been noted that the average Aedatani can contort themselves more easily than the best Iorou contortionist. They have medium sized expressive eyes that are different shades of blue or green. For the most part Aedatani only have hair on the back and top of the head, which often is found in shades of brown or blonde. On occasion some Aedatani have hair on their arms and legs, but this is a recessive gene. Typically the Aedatani gestation period is just over 11 months, but usually varies about one month. When it does become time to deliver the child, the Aedatani are exactly like the Iorou in that the child passes through a female's birth canal that exits between the two legs. It is not uncommon for Aedatani multiple births, with twins and triplets being the most common. It is actually more rare to have a single child than it is to have twins.


The Aedatani are natuarally very war-like and had several brutal civil wars in their history. Recently, however, there has been a growing trend of peace amoung the various populations, but many Aedatani that retain the warlike past have become skilled mercenaries.