Artist's impression of the Aiju

The Aiju are a hypothetical species that existed between 2 and 5 million GY ago in the Sovlicar Arm of Basilicus Prime.

The Aiju Theory[]

The theory of the Aiju stems from an anomalous similarity in the DNA of the sentient species of the Kasperion Sector. Despite their origins being on different worlds, some of the region's races appear to be partially related genetically. The Homar and Estari races are perhaps most striking, with some sources quoting a staggering 82% similarity of genetic code.

The Aiju Theory is the postulate that an ancient species existed, that somehow mingled with the Kasperion races during their pre-civilised development. This would appear to explain the appearance of common DNA structures across interplanetary distances.


The notion of a race that helped to father many others is disputed by many, for a variety of reasons. There are a number of flaws with the Aiju hypothesis: such as fundamental incompatibilities between many races (the Dejennan races have a completely different blood chemistry to the other Kasperion species) and lack of conclusive archaeological evidence of an 'Aiju civilisation'.

Staunch opposition to the theory also exists in the theological institutions of the Homar and the Shikkar. The idea that their species may have originated from elsewhere other than their creation myths has been strongly resisted.