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Scientific name


Civilization class

Type A (intergalactic)


Common Attribution: Amarayal

Categorical Attribution: Amarayal

Evolutionary Star System: ?

Civilization class: Type A: Intergalactic Society


The Amarayal are an extradimensional species that found Basilicus Prime by following the trail of the Antheons. Due to their extradimensional nature, they were able to escape detection by the Antheons, though they rely on the space distortions caused by the Antheons to travel quickly.


Th Amarayal society is strongly hierarchical, with ranks based on the significance of the object that each individual is responsible for. A rank in Amarayal society comes with a suffix tacked onto the individual's name; such suffixes are only neglected for individuals of the Ayman rank, and for individuals of higher rank who have somehow become dishonored in a way directly relating to their rank. An individual whose name without the suffix may be mistaken as having a suffix of a higher rank may never have the suffix neglected.

Rank name Suffix Area of authority Object of responsibility
Alada -ad All occupied galaxies ?
Semodu -us Galaxy Supermassive black hole
Paraiah -ul Star system Star
Seyaran -edas Planet Planet
Cuaiel -oba Region Region
Ayman -al None None

Attitude toward other species[]

The Amarayal consider all sentient species equal, but consider their hierarchy the only valid hierarchy, and thus consider members of other species that have not been granted ranks in their society as equal to their own Aymans.


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Amarayal name Rank Specialty
Inatus Semodu Appoints Paraiah, Seyaran, Cuaiel
Aden* Seyaran Rune magic
Peresedas Seyaran
Terwiledas* Seyaran Food
Felasedas Seyaran Healing
Essesedas Seyaran Ability negation/negation removal
Asterghastes (Common name) Seyaran Protection
*Mortal (Kelosian species)