The homeplanet to the Andurielic civilizations, especially the Andrelians, the species after which the planet was named.

This is the homeplanet of the Andurielic Confederation, a confederation of three neighboring star systems, formed recently to prevent the divulsion of terrestrial warfare into space, and to protect all Andurielic species from invasive species.

Basic Overview[]

Anduriel is an average-sized planet, orbiting its sun, Celduriant, in an elliptical orbit, extending the planetary year, and increasing the intermission of solstice and equinox, compared to more conventional orbital patterns.

With 91.34% of its surface covered in water, the planet's surface is dotted with islands, volcanoes, archepelagoes large and small, and two main continents, both located in the Southwestern octant, separated by a long, relatively straight sea, tapered off at the ends by a convergence of landmass, and connected to the world ocean by two narrow, quasi-linear straits.

The southern half of the southernmost continent is purely tundra, with massive mountain ranges and rich mine strikes. To the north lies the Middle Sea, the sea between the continents. The northern part of Selinia (the southern continent) is very temperate, with many natural harbors, and many established ports.

The entire northern three-fourths of Lagunia (the northern continent), is covered in vast jungles and speeding rivers. A mountain range, said to be in the exact center of the jungle, obscured by clouds, is rumored to float above the jungle, leading many outdoorsmen to disappear in its pursuit.

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