Anglundias Spaceport
Interstellar Spaceport Code AGS
Completed 2700
Owner City of Nubeva
Spaceport Type Public
Hub for
Regional Hub for
Terminals 7 (Expanding to 9)
Destinations 2,875
Runways 7 (Expanding to 8)

The Angludias Spaceport is located in the Norymnum district of Nubeva. It is the largest and most modern of all the spaceports in Nubeva. It was constructed in 2740 AKR, by a subsidiary of the Danouarri Orbital Shipyards, Yuci Jocina. The contract was awarded by the Nubeva City Government,which currently owns the facility.


The spaceport has 7 terminals. The terminals all originate at one central point, which surrounds the control tower,and radiate outward mimicking the shape of the galaxy, in which every terminal would be an arm in the galaxy. The spaceport is two levels, the top for launches and the bottom is a series of amenities, including a hotel that can house several thousand individuals in the case of an emergency. There is a self-driving tram system that takes patrons to and from terminals. The spaceport also features a large rental area for transportation around the city. The spaceport features 7 runways.

Flight Load[]

Angludias Spaceport can handle up to 28,000 commercial launches per day; plus an additional 20,000 freight launches. The spaceport is currently attempting to remove the vertical spacecraft launch, with a runway launch, that ascend out of the atmosphere. The Angludias Spaceport serves as a hub to the Jeji Spacelines, Jogau Interstellar, and Danouarri Orbital, and it also serves as regional hub to Silei Spacevoyages, Nabrillaari Lines, and Yuci Galactic. About one hundred others spacelines regularly use the spaceport.


The Nubeva City Government approved a 5,500,000,000 AL plan,put forward by the Yuci Jocina Company, for the Anglundias Spaceport to acquire the Aquuara, Burginaia, and Eborica Spaceports.The plan also provided for the building of three new terminals, a new runway, and a new set of spacecraft hangars. The expansion is to be completed in 2770 AKR. The old spaceports are to be destroyed when the project is completed. The spacelines will be slowly moved as the project reaches major milestones.