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Antheonic Rings[]

Antheonic ring

Created 2 billion years ago by the Antheons, the Antheonic Rings are the safest way to travel great distances. They are large, planetary machines that make modern interstellar travel possible.

Although scientists know the principles of the Antheonic Rings, they don't know how it fundamentally works or even what energy makes it work.

Nothing displays more the Antheons' ability to cheat time than the Antheonic Rings. When travelers enter a ring, another dimension is added to them. Being fourth dimensional they are separate from time (i.e. it no longer takes time to go distance) then they enter the ring of destination at the moment they left safely third dimensional again. Since the trip is "timeless" travelers must be frozen or they could instantaneously age and die. Those that were conscious during a journey through the rings have never returned not being able to join the third dimension again. Possibly these travelers are forever suspended in non-time, never to wake.

The Antheons were so good at this technology that they made thousands of rings throughout the galaxy. Many of these gates have yet to be discovered.


  • There are 2,876 known Antheonic Gates and more are discovered each year
  • If a star system is not located near an Antheonic Ring it is often completely removed from interstellar society until STW Routes are made.
  • Travelers must be cyrogenically frozen before entering the rings or they will not come out on the other side
  • Although it is not exactly known how the rings work, it is simple enough to program a destination with the ring before passing through.
  • Any ring can lead to any other ring if the coordinates are known before hand.
  • If coordinates are not determined before entry the destination appears to be random (this is often how new rings are discovered).
  • Going to a random destination can be dangerous, because not all rings are in proper working order or in safe regions of space.
  • Any spacecraft or object can enter a ring and come out intact on the other side (the Ring Effect only occurs on living things with higher levels of perception)