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Civilization Class

Type B: Interstellar Class

Government Type

Absolute Federalism

Chief of State

Tor-galad Firiemmë

Capital City



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Partial alliance with the United Nations Alliance; Alliance with the Skiraka of the Maleror System



12 Billion (8 billion in Maleror System)

Largest City


Official Language




"Lyantë" - "The Fallen" (or the Falling)

"melvë ló valost; lavir sollos" - "knowledge is power; hide it well"




Measurement System


Primary Imports


Primary Exports

various raw materials and finished products


Antyevala is a nation of extremes and of huge things. It is incredibly powerful with many advances in offensive and defensive technology and boasting a huge army: 1 billion personnel, not to mention the countless vehicles and other machines, including the hulking Titans of the Titan Legion. It has a large solar power plant in the southwest and an even bigger one in space which covers about half of their sun and generates even more energy than the other one. It has a population of 12 billion over a huge land mass on Thwendiel and inhabited many moons throughout the system. And despite their probable ability to take over the planet, indeed the entire system and perhaps more, they still have not for several reasons.

Antyevala covers a huge land mass with many different geographical features from open plains to dry deserts to towering mountains. Despite this the Velanyálquë have took advantage of every aspect of the land. For example, in the Death Plateau—land that has no trace of water and where no life can live—in the southwest of Telyédia, is a truly enormous solar power plant that produces a huge amount of energy.

The Velanyálquë of Antyevala think of religion as, not stupid, but perhaps ignorant; i.e., they think believing in something which isn't real is unwise, ignorant because it isn't real. But despite this they do have a religion of sorts; rather, a book of guidelines. It is a tome of knowledge, philosophies; a moral codex. It is quite complex and hard to describe. It was written by the Divine Ones, the god-like race which were before them and perhaps are a distant ancestor, and has been translated into Valannaia. However, due to the nature of the Divine Ones' language, which is complex for a sentence usually has many layers of meaning, a proper translation is unlikely, unless the Divine Ones returned.

Politically (and perhaps morally), they have a strong sense of what is right and wrong and currently they are very stable and in a strong position, having much influence over much of the matters of the Quathalan System and the nearby Maleror System which they currently occupy. Their type of government is working very well. It is led by twelve High Lords (also referred to as Angel Lords) who are each responsible for one departmant of the nation which is critical for the maintenance of the nation. For example, one department is for Science and Technology, another for Diplomaic Affairs, and another for Foreign Affairs. Each of these departments is divided into many offices, agencies, and bureaus which are further divided if necessary.