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Galactic Coordinates (1,-37,1,04)
Region Core Worlds
System Aldera
Sun(s) Aldera
Moon(s) 3
Planet Type Terrestrial
Atmosphere {{{Atmosphere Components}}}
Terrain Oceans, mountains, beaches
Native Species -
Immigrated Species Iorou (Crelinic)
Primary Language Galactic
Population 9 Billion
Major Cities

The planet of Aqualis is a world that is renowned for its stunning beauty and devotion to peace. The planet is a colony of Crelina, and as such the population is overwhelmingly Crelinic Iorou. Settled in 234,003 BKR, the planet has flourished in terms of wealth and population. The planet is surrounded by a nearly continuous layer of pure white clouds that circle above the nearly pure blue oceans. Aqualis has only seen one war, and it was not of its own doing. The Kashouion Rebellion

Aqualis Flag

Flag of the Republic of the Serenity of Aqualis.

took its toll on the planet leaving a portion of the southern hemisphere devastated. Beyond that Aqualis has not seen a government change almost since the founding of the planet, and the direct democracy of the Republic of the Serenity of Aqualis is much loved by the people.