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The Arrq Invasion was a one-year war between the Arrqs and the Highlord Alliance after the Arrqs preemptively invaded the Kelos System in 21,997 GST. The war started on 02.22.21997 when the Arrqs launched a full-scale attack on Crystaldeep of the Kelos System. At the time, the Kelosians were a Type C society and had no technological chance against the Type B Arrqs. The Highlords intervened however, because of their distant evolutionary relationship with Kelosians and with the help of the Helics stopped the invasion and equipped the Kelosians with the knowledge and technology to fight back. Eventually the Arrqs were driven out of the Kelos System in 21998 GST and the Highlord Alliance was formed to keep them from attacking members of the alliance from that day onward. Although there are still skirmishes on the border of the Arrq Sector and Kelos Sector there has not been a war since. All members of the Highlord Alliance, however, must continually devote manpower and resources to protecting the sector border.

Cause of the War[]

The Arrqs are a hive species programmed for territorial acquisition. This programming is in part because their native star system, the Arrqa System, is a dying star. Although it is not certain when the star will supernova, it could happen astronomically anytime. For the past few thousand years the hive has been expanding in their part of the galaxy (the Arrq Sector looking for a suitable habitat for their extensive civilization. Highlord and Kelosian worlds are primary targets because of their close proximity and favorable ecological conditions.

The Arrqs targeted Crystaldeep as their new home world around 21940 GST. It was an easy world to move into because of the relatively primitive technology level of the native species. They conducted thorough tests of the atmosphere and wildlife on the planet to ensure the conditions met their biological needs and when all things were certain, the hive invaded.