Arven of Hunter City
Biographical Information
Birth 428 AFE
Death (Still Alive)
Home Hunter City, Jagga
Physical Information
Species Jaggan
Gender Male
Height 6'7
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation The Eternal Empire


on a galactic scale

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Arven of Hunter City is the best-known explorer in the entire Eternal Empire. He is best known for discovering the Arcturus, Illumin, and Valorun systems. He owns a company known as Arven Exploration Co., specializing in mapping and space exploration. The company has about 90 explorers, 40 engineers, and 50 cartographers, as well as 20 JT-1 Pathfinder exploration starships to fly around the universe. In 451 AFE, he discovered the Char Nalonia system and plunged the Eternal Empire into another war, this time against the Char'in Dominion. There are rumors that Arven did this to weaken the Empire's defences and let the rebellion, led by the Imperial Corsairs, break through the Imperial defences and kill Eternal Emperor Tigarus I. Arven didn't respond to these rumors, however. He just continued exploring.