The Avopei-Larru Galactic Calendar is based on one year of the planet Silei. The years are organized into two time periods, BKR (Before the Kashouion Rebellion) and AKR (After the Kashouion Rebellion). The current year is 2752 AKR.



All days are measured according to the rotation of the planet Silei. There are five days in a week.

  • Lundai (Lun)
  • Manadai (Man)
  • Weardi (Wea)
  • Samudi (Sam)
  • Satardi (Sat)


One month is made of six weeks and therefore thirty days. There are ten months in a year.

  • Aedannas (Aed)
  • Ahanas (Ahn)
  • Aliriellas (Ali)
  • Edraldas (Edr)
  • Iatas (Iatas)
  • Iolnas (Iol)
  • Linandaras (Linan)
  • Sitou (Sito)
  • Tynou (Tyn)
  • Udou (Udou)
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