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The Avopei-Larru Champion Cup is the second largest Ioroball Tournament in the sport after the ICS Ioroball Cup. The first championship was held in 2352 AKR at The Arena in Castenona, Crelina. Since then the match is held every four years opposite the Galaxy Cup and about five months after the ICS Ioroball Cup.

Unlike the ICS Ioroball Cup, which is for planetary teams, the Avopei-Larru Champion Cup features Ioroball clubs. Also unlike the ICS Ioroball Cup, the tournament is not restricted to the Independent Coalition of Systems, but all the worlds of Avopei-Larru are eligible to participate (as long as they are registered with the ICC).


Thousands of teams attempt to participate in the Champion Cup every four years. For a team to be eligible for the Cup, it must be registered with the Intergalactic Cup Committee (ICC) one Cup before the Cup the team is attempting to participate in. Each team must be made of at least thirty players, but may include more. Teams must compete in regional preliminaries to be considered for the Cup finals, though some may be awarded automatic qualification based on previous results. If multiple teams from the same planet enter, planetary league results will also be taken into account.

Host Selection[]

The host city is selected by the ICC twelve years in advance by a special sub-committee that goes to each candidate city in order to make a decision. Cities that wish to be considered to host the Cup must put together a "bid", which includes a formal statement of intent. These bids may be submitted as early as eight years before the final selection. Each city must either possess an Ioroball stadium or provide plans for a new stadium that will have to be built for the Cup. From the dozens of bids that are received, the Committee reviews all of them and selects fifteen that will be made "semi-finalists", which will then go through another set of reviews. During the semi-finals of the selection, the Committee will visit each of the cities. Around a year after the Committee visits, the Committee releases the five finalists for selection. During the final selection, the Committee enters a closed session. In this session the Committee makes four rounds of votes with one candidate eliminated every round. In the final round of voting, the winner is announced often to a massive crowd that gathers around the meeting hall.


Edition Year Host
I 2352 Crelina flag Crelina
II 2356 Ma'Paler Flag Ma'Paler
III 2360 Silei Flag Silei
IV 2364 Tatah Tetel Flag Tatah Tetel
V 2368 Flag of Tianonnis Tianonnis
VI 2372 Flag of Varlsidor Varlsidor
VII 2376 Aqualis Flag Aqualis
VIII 2380 Jeji Flag Jeji
IX 2384 Ma'Paler III Flag Ma'Paler III
X 2388 Crelina flag Crelina
XI 2392 Aitini Yeoiti Flag Aitini Yeoiti
XII 2396 Sennandira XIV Flag Sennandira XIV
XIII 2400 Flag of Capital Capital
XIV 2404 Yuci
XV 2408 Xanycias Flag Xanycias
XVI 2412 Flag of Serendipity Serendipity
XVII 2416 Tillus
XVIII 2420 Decimisus
XIX 2424 Mandgoloth
XX 2428 Anador
XXI 2432 Trillus
XXII 2436 Adei
XXIII 2440 Mykeo
XXIV 2444 Aeca
XXV 2448 Janzy
XXVI 2452 Crelina flag Crelina
XXVII 2456 Flag of Bastrion Bastrion
XXVIII 2460 Assolni
XXIX 2464 Yuci
XXX 2468 Silei Flag Silei
XXXI 2472 Jeji Flag Jeji
XXXII 2476 Tatah Tetel Flag Tatah Tetel
XXXIII 2480 Yodsni Flag Yodsni
XXXIV 2484 Flag of Capital Capital
XXXV 2488 Flag of Polythmni Polythmni
XXXVI 2492 Flag of Varlsidor Varlsidor
XXXVII 2496 Crelina flag Crelina
XXXVIII 2500 Flag of Bastrion Bastrion
XXXIX 2504 Vangiol
XL 2508 Ma'Paler III Flag Ma'Paler III
XLI 2512 Luwosi
XLII 2516 Krist'ri Flag Krist'ri
XLIII 2520 Aboli Focol Flag Aboli Focol
XLIV 2524 Zaekyla
XLV 2528 Flag of Terpsichore Terpsichore
XLVI 2532 Sevnakej
XLVII 2536 Ma'Paler Flag Ma'Paler
XLVIII 2540 Melpomene
IL 2544 Yuci
L 2548 Crelina flag Crelina
LI 2552 Decimisus
LII 2556 Latimu
LIII 2560 League Flag Eden
LIV 2564 Idrajenna Flag Idrajenna
LV 2568 Nomatelda
LVI 2572 Aqualis Flag Aqualis
LVII 2576 Flag of Tianonnis Tianonnis
LVIII 2580 Erinna
LIX 2584 Avandri
LX 2588 Seyavon
LXI 2592 Ma'Paler Flag Ma'Paler
LXII 2596 Hir'stenda
LXIII 2600 Jeji Flag Jeji
LXIV 2604 Silei Flag Silei
LXV 2608 Crelina flag Crelina
LXVI 2612 Xanycias Flag Xanycias
LXVII 2616 Paradi
LXVIII 2620 Flag of Serendipity Serendipity
LXIX 2624 Nautilag
LXX 2628 Flag of Bastrion Bastrion
LXXI 2632 Serendipit
LXXII 2636 Flag of Varlsidor Varlsidor
LXXIII 2640 League Flag Eden
LXXIV 2644 Zamada
LXXV 2648 Trillus
LXXVI 2652 Shaza
LXXVII 2656 Aitini Yeoiti Flag Aitini Yeoiti
LXXVIII 2660 Tatah Tetel Flag Tatah Tetel
LXXIX 2664 Yuci
LXXX 2668 Kashouion
LXXXI 2672 Melosia
LXXXII 2676 Rakm Yil
LXXXIII 2680 Flag of Tianonnis Tianonnis
LXXXIV 2684 Crelina flag Crelina