The Ayasha System[]

The Ayasha System is a Socerian controlled star system with three planets and a star. These three planets are:





Indus and X'than are both populated, Indus being the eldest and most settled. Infentus is a young, hostile planet, completely unsettled. It's distance from the sun has given the planet several kilometers of thick ice and snow. The planet has no intelligent species or resources that are known.

At the very center of the system lies "Cynginius". Cynginius is a relatively large star that has a fairly average rate of burn and has a radius of 1,167,275 km. Many of the cults that make up X'than worship Cynginius as a god, making sacrifices and burnings to his might.


Indus has an approximate age of 5.6 billion years. Indus is the cradle of the Socerian population, only noticed until recently. The planet consists of 68% ocean, 20% desert and 12% forested or inhabited land. Indus incorporates 10 major cities and many small towns. Indus' government structure consists of the "Cestus" (High Council) 20 officials that are selected through a grueling system of tests of wit, courage and strength simply referred to as The Test.


Indus' Economy is the model for the standard Socerian economy. It consists of Rose Gold and Copper coins, two alloys that the ingridients are scarce of on Indus. Every year, the Cestus votes over the value of the two coins. Indus makes most of its money from Synthetic exports that the science-geared youth creates in labs.


The eldest of the civilization are quite rebellious, constantly calling upon violence, arson and vandalisim to settle social qualms. The middle-aged civilian majority make up the Cestus, labor positions and all low-skill jobs. The adolescents have benefited greatly from the plenty of Indus and are deeply enriched from traveling scholars, this minority occupies the high-skill jobs, yet lacking the strength or experience to reach the Cestus.