Common Attribution: Baltric                                                                                                                                                      

Categorical Attribution: Baltric 'Lacertilia                                                                                                

Evolutionary Star System: Septus              

Evolutionary Planet: Primus Caltrix

Star Systems of Prominence: Septus

Population Data : 3.1 Million

Civilization Class : C



Baltrics are bipedal, carnivorous reptile type species that evolved on the planet. Their civilization started roughly 3,908 GST ago. They are an aggressive and economic people usually settling disputes with duels or bribery. The major city on their planet is called Lahard'le gasaz. It was named after the first king of the city the word means “City of scales. Baltrics reproduce sexually, and are oviparous, laying an egg only if fertilisation has occurred. When the egg hatches it is natural for the male to feel repulsed or even aggressive towards it but this is caused by hormones and should stop after 2-3 weeks

Physical Characteristics[]

The Baltric male stands tall at 2m; they have sharp retraceable claws that have made them great hunters, Fletcher’s and craftsmen. They are quite good with their hands and can build many great structures. The male as 3 rows of sharp teeth and hardened leather skin with a shell like torso armour. The male has the largest brain making it soupier to the female in Logical thinking yet lacks a creative side. The male weighs an average of 110kg and have natural upper body strength.


The Baltric female stands at 1.6m; they have smaller hands and have no claws making them great locksmiths, clockmakers and weavers. They are more creative then the males having a more creative brain then a logical one. They have only 1 one of teeth and hardened leather skin, they have no shell armour. They average female weighs 90kg


Evolutionary Analysis[]

It is believed that the Baltric evolved from small four legged lizards that lived in the many ponds scattered around the planet. AS evolution took its course the small front legs of the Baltric turned into arms needed from foraging and fighting. As they began to migrate to land there back fin grew larger and was used as a source of heat where the blood inside the fins veins would heat up under the sun and warn the whole body.


Ecological Analysis[]


The swampy terrain of eastern Primus Calrix where most of the Baltric have settled has led them to become great swimmers and has given them a natural resistance to disease.


Sociological Analysis[]