This page documents a Basilicus policy, a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to it should reflect consensus.

Basilicus policies and guidelines are developed to describe best practice in world-building in the Basilicus universe. Although Basilicus policies aren't rules, there are "hard" policies that should always be followed for either the integrity of the project or legal reasons.


Be boldEdit

Be bold and edit!

Encourage new editorsEdit

Before enforcing a policy and reverting an editor's work or berating him, check if he's a new editor first. Change your response tailored for such a situation.

No Earth referencesEdit

A hard policy that Basilicus follows is the No Earth references policy. The policy states that there should be no reference that could be used to place Earth within the context of Basilicus. No real-world people, places, things, or events may appear in Basilicus. That means that humans, Earth, the Solar System, the Milky Way, or any known nearby galaxies may appear on Basilicus. Ever.

Protection policyEdit

If a page needs to be protected or semi-protected from editing, an admin should be notified.


As Basilicus editors come and go over the years, many worlds in Basilicus remain unfinished. Although we should respect the original editor's control over his work, we may want to continue developing it after he's no longer active. If a work was abandoned by the original editor, other editors should feel free to adopt it (as in making it his own project). Note that to adopt, a work (not an article) should have been abandoned. For example, to develop "Crystaldeep", he should also check the history for "Kelos System" since they are both within the same scope.

However, all editors should feel free to make small edits (such as proofreading and formatting) regardless of the rule.

Only the editor who claim authorship may enforce this rule on his own work. Please don't enforce it on behalf of someone else.


The copyright policy is another hard policy. Please respect the copyright of authors. Do not upload works—especially images—that you do not own or have the right to distribute.


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Basilicus should be a self-consistent world. As such, do not make edits that contradict each other.

Manual of StyleEdit

The Manual of Style is a formatting guideline that are recommended for Basilicus

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