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To search this wiki, go to Special:Search, or enter a term in the search box you see in the sidebar, or use the Inputbox below.

Adding a search boxEdit

To add a search box to any page, just type


It will produce this box:

See Template:Searchbox for a template to make inputboxes easier.

Other ways to find pagesEdit

To browse pages on the wiki, you can view a list of all pages or browse by category. See Special:Log/upload to search for images.

You can use Google's "site search" for to search all Wikia.

New featuresEdit

Update: for performance reasons, this feature has been removed until it is working better.

New feature

The Central Wikia is trialing a new search feature where results start appearing before you've even carried out your search. Try it now in the search box in the left sidebar.

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