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Flag of Bastrion

The flag of Bastrion.

Bastrion is the mainworld of the Bastrion System, and a member world (founding member) of the Independent Coalition of Systems. It is a large asteroid belt, known to contain many valuable minerals.

Bastrion is one of the Independent Coalition of Systems's largest producers/exporters of microchips and computers. The headquarters of numerous ICS-wide technology and computer companies, such as AvopeiTech, are located in/on Bastrion.

Bastrion was a major stronghold of the AL Systems during the Kashouion Rebellion. It also saw activity during the mysterious and obscure War of Fate (despite being located some distance from Atropo).

The flag of Bastrion has a dark blue background. Running horizontally across the centre of the flag is a line of seven white stars. This line of stars represent Bastrion (the belt), with the background being space.