Technology adept, however their individual pride and ego usually get in the way.

Home Planet[]



Short bipedal humanoids that can range from blues to grey. They have large heads with two black eyes and mouth.[]

Alien ClassicGrey FullBod abaker



It has come to mean rule by "the aristocracy" who are people of noble birth. An aristocracy is a government by the "best" people. A person who rules in an aristocracy is an aristocrat. Aristocracy is different from nobility, in that nobility means that one bloodline would rule; an aristocracy would mean that a few or many bloodlines would rule, or that rulers be chosen in a different manner. Bessan politics is ruled by the richest and most affluent Bessan. Corruption is common and  crime is high. Simply, Bessan are viewed as arrogant jerks.

Current leader[]

(DateStamp 2754) Exalted High Lord Protector Kinith Frax The Blessed

Level of technology[]

Very advanced. Bessan have a wide access to energy weapons and very good shields. Trying to outdo one another has accelerated their level of technology.

Exp: High density plasma shielding. Using a mixture of solid plasma and high energy the Bessan have managed to develop a shielding technology that is very efficient against both solid and energy weapons.


Bessan titles have little meaning, rather the number of titles is important. The current leader has very few, some Bessan have as many as 10 or 15 titles.

Enlightened Protectors[]

The group of the Aristocrats that hold power over all other Bessan citizens.