A Blade of Night and Day (also called a Shining Sword) is a type of sword made exclusively on planet Xodus of the Jaezath System. Blades of Night and Day are specially crafted and used by particular government officials only. A Blade of Night and Day can only be activated and used by one specific person for whom the blade is specially crafted.


Blades of Night and Day were first crafted by followers of Sam-Lenamism, a religion which is outlawed on the planet of origin. It was mentioned in legends before it was created. In legends it was crafted by an angel of the Sam-Lenamistic god Sam as a tool for his followers to fight both the living and ghosts with equal ease. The blade, in legend, was as anathema to the dead as it was to the leaving. In actuality, of course, it only works on the living. However, the first crafters believed it would combat both.


This sword resembles an ordinary flame-bladed sword, most of which are largely decorative. When activated by contact with its single intended user, it begins to "awaken"; emitting a humming sound and a faint glow. The technology of the sword can recognize DNA of individuals and also scans pulse rate and temperature. When the pulse rate increases, the sword becomes on signal. If the individual for whom it was crafted taps on its scanning hilt their particular pattern, the Blade of Night and Day activates and emits a bight glow at a particular target. The Blade's glow  damages eyesight and, if concentrated enough, can cause severe burns. In addition, the Blade heats up to insanely high temperatures and will burn anything it comes into contact with until deactivated. 

According to legend, the Blade should also have the power to suck out all the light from an area, but the technology for such is not yet available.