Bovian (2)

A male Borvari warrior.

The Borvari are an advanced species that originated from the planet Pamerax. They form one of the Type B Civilizations of Basilicus Prime, having discovered the Antheonic Rings some 570 Derived Years ago.


The Borvari are a three-gender race. Males have two horns, females have no horns, and a third gender, called "cousins" have one horn protruding from the back of their head. Cousins are the largest gender, and females are the smallest. Males are somewhere in the middle. Both females and cousins can give birth. Only males cannot give birth. Only females can produce milk. The Borvari have an interesting system of sexual reproduction:

  • A male and a female can mate to produce a cousin. The female will bear the child.
  • A male and a cousin can mate to produce a female. The cousin will bear the child.
  • A female and a cousin can mate to produce a male. The female will bear the child.


The life of a Borvari is divided into three phases because the Borvari have three hearts. Each heart is two-chambered, with one atrium and one ventricle. At the beginning of its life, all three hearts are functional. But after about 3 Derived Years (dy), the first heart, the uppermost one, suddenly gives out, and the Borvari goes into a massive coma. Sometimes the Borvari will die at this point, but if they survive, they enter the next phase of their life with only two working hearts. These two hearts beat for another 3 dy. It is during this period that the Borvari can reproduce. After 3 more dy, the second heart will give out, and the Borvari will go through an even longer and deeper coma. Again, many die and do not reach the third phase. Those that do, however, become revered members of society and reach their physical peak, although they can no longer reproduce. Borvari do not decline with old age. Instead, their third heart will suddenly stop beating at some point in the next 3 dy, and they will die.



Genders: 3

Average Height: 1.89 dul

Average Life Span: 9 dy


Desh (white fur, black head)

Vesh (grey fur, white head)

Nush (black fur, brown head)

Thosh (brown all over)

Yish (golden fur, brown head)


Pamerax Global Standard (PGS),

Deshic, Veshic, Nushic, Thoshic,

Yishic, Fazric, Grakkic


Total: 147 billion

On Pamerax: 18 billion

Elsewhere in Fansha system:

23 billion

Elsewhere in Galaxy:

106 billion

Evolutionary Homeworld: