The Brightstar Pact is an alliance of non-aggression and mutual protection between several powers of the Kasperion Sector. It began with a peace treaty between the Hexarian Star Republic and the newly-formed New Alliance at the uninhabited Brightstar System, near the edge of HSR space. The two peoples agreed to put behind them the earlier clashes (attributed to the earlier Eprise Alliance). In time, this relationship strengthened to an agreement for mutual protection in the event of critical threats to their sovereignty.

Shortly after forming, the Estari accepted membership in the Pact, although they already held a similar informal understanding with the Hexarians for two centuries prior. The Pact has also accepted membership of several independent Homar worlds, something which often makes them seen as part of the NA.

(* - Note that, while the New Alliance is also technically a pact of co-operative governments, the Brightstar Pact members have their own armed forces and are only bound to assist fellow members in the event of a serious threat. The NA's military, on the other hand, is a unified entity that must directly respond to all threats to the NA.)

Major members:

Independent Homar worlds:

  • New Fralsys
  • People's Republic of Minnetova
  • Arandup Empire
  • Marok's World
  • Free Republic of Taradup

Minor members

  • Yath Ebel Duchy