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Bubbleweed is genetically enhanced seaweed that originated on the planet Xodus of the Jaezath System

It is commonly found in science labs (for testing), and rock pools at mid-tide levels. It is characterized by long strings of olive brown hollow "beads". These "beads" have a slimy layer that conserves moisture They also contain pure oxygen, allowing the consumer to breath underwater when they are chewed. Each bead also contains some water to keep them from losing vital amounts of moisture during tide changes. Bubbleweed live in groups to conserve moisture as well. 

The Bubbleweed "beads" are ginormous- often having a diameter of around six inches! One string of bubbleweed has been tested in labs and is believed to be able to supply enough oxygen for forty-five minutes underwater. They are still in the process and the goal is to modify them to be able to reside at several sea levels as well as provide enough oxygen (per string) to allow survival for up to two hours.