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The Cabinet of Cresia is the ministers for the president of Cresia. The cabinet is appointed by the president upon the advice of the prime minister. The first five ministers are ordered according their orders of precedence and succession. They are also the only ministers explicitly mentioned in the Constitution. The rest are given orders based on their time in office and are listed alphabetically.

Order Ministry Office
1 Prime Minister
2 Ministry of External Affairs Minister of External Affairs
3 Ministry of Internal Affairs Minister of Internal Affairs
4 Treasury (Ministry of Finance) Treasurer (Minister of Finance)
5 Ministry of Defense Minister of Defense
6 Ministry of Justice Attorney General (Minister of Justice)
7 Ministry of Iscran Affairs Minister of Iscran Affairs
n/a Ministry of Agriculture Minister of Agriculture
n/a Ministry of Commerce Minister of Commerce
n/a Ministry of Education Minister of Education
n/a Ministry of the Environment Minister of the Environment
n/a Ministry of Science Minister of Science
n/a Ministry of Transportation Minister of Transportation
n/a Ministry of Welfare Minister of Welfare