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Caelasic scientists estimate their planet is around 5.2 billion years old, and has been harbouring life for nearly 4.3 billion of those years.


Caelas has three large continents and many islands. The continents are:

  • Droh

A continent in the Northern hemisphere. The northern part of the continent is covered in snow and ice for six months out of the year. The temperature ranges from -35C to 5C A large coniferous forest covers the land and is home to many birds not found elsewhere. A large mountain, Rehtrik, is the largest mountain range in the Daeron System. The population of this continent is roughly 30,000 people because of the extreme temperatures.

  • Grejo

A continent in the Southern hemisphere. This is the most densely populated continent on the planet with 400 million people living on its 11,075,400 square kilometres land area. The temperature stays fairly steady at 20C all year.

  • Mirr-Ota

A continent in the extreme Western hemisphere. This is the smallest continent on the planet with only 30,528 square kilometres and a total population of only 50,000. The temperature ranges from -10C to 25C.


There are hundreds of cities on Caelas ranging from small fishing villages to large sprawling metropolises of 10 + million people. The largest city is Torkov on the continent of Grejo which has a population of just over 23 million.

Total Population[]

The total population of Caelas is 473 million people


The currency of the Daeron system is the Opsla.


Caelas has one natural satellite, Jyk.