The Cannah System Has been under stress since it's birth and that's no less today.

What Can The Cannah-Kajjia do about it?[]

The Kajjia, says the Hrakki Herald, are in an unsustainable situation, Torkus Felpos, of the Kajjeo says that "They've gotta get to an Antheonic Ring, Pronto!" Scientists are working with astronomers in a mad race against time to find the nearest one, and engineers are racing time to build an enormous Carrier, 56 times bigger than the one of the exodus, able to, in a pinch, carry both the Kajj and almost all the inhabitants of Aedor. "...Kajia are in bad times, they've got tons and tons of priceless artifacts and no-where to go!" says Leos Opliaus in an interview on Maia. Astronomers foud what is believed to be the A-Ring that the Aman passed through in exile to be the nearest, but as always they search for a closer one. "Recently we've found a circular disk spinning at high speeds towards us. as well as a shadow moving from the other direction. We've identified the shadow to be the Destroyer