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Flag of Capital
Galactic Coordinates (1,-28,124,75)
Region Core Worlds
System Knoroven System
Sun(s) CX-432i
Moon(s) 3
Planet Type Terrestrial
Atmosphere Standard
Terrain Ocean, temperate
Native Species None
Immigrated Species
  • Iorou
  • Senn
  • Many others...
Primary Language galactic
Population 248 billion
Major Cities
  • Iscoron
  • Rememberance City
  • Coalition City
Affiliation ICS Flag Independent Coalition of Systems

Capital is the mainworld of the Knoroven System. It was the capital of the Independent Coalition of Systems from 22 AKR to 1118 AKR (when the capital was moved back to Silei) after the Catastrophe of the Star rendered Silei uninhabitable, and it is still a major member world.

The planet was first colonised in 20 AKR, with the express intention of making it the capital.

Capital has a diameter of approx. 7488.614 kdul (12103.098 km). Its atmosphere consists mainly of nitrogen and oxygen in similar ratios as Earth and Crystaldeep. 87.24% of its surface is covered in water. The only populated continent is Gosuris.

Capital has four states with individual governments, ruled by the Capital Republic: Geleur, Iscoron (the capital), Nerios and Tanezits.

The flag of Capital has normal dimensions. It is divided into quarters. In the center of each quarter is a four-pointed star, a major Capital symbol. The bottom left star is purple, the other three white. The background of the bottom left quadrant is white, the background of the upper right quadrant is blue, and the remaining two quadrants have medium green backgrounds.

Each of these quadrants represents one of the states: the bottom left quadrant represents Iscoron, the white background signifying it is a "city" state; the upper left and bottom right quadrants represent Tanezits and Geleur, respectively, the green backgrounds signifying they are "land" states; and the upper right quadrant represents Nerios, the blue background signifying it is a "sea" (island) state.