General Information
Constructed 560,000 BKR
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Location Information
Planet Crelina
Continent Alia (Castenona Islands)
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Climate Temperate
Points of Interest
Societal Information
Population 4 Billion

Castenona [kas-ten-oh-nuh] is the capital and most populous city of the Crelina Federation on the planet of Crelina.Unlike many of the capitals in the Core, Castenona's administrative limits are relatively small, covering only twenty of the fifty-seven Castenona Islands. Consequently, a number of other cities have incorporated just outside the city limits, and on the various other islands.

As the home of the Iorou, Crelina, and by extension Castenona, the city is a center of culture in the Core. The city has numerous museums, cultural landmarks and artistic buildings, most notably the Castenona City Council Building and the Grand Palace . The City is also known for its unqiue all glass structures.

On the center island is the Central Business District. The CCBD is one of the largest corporate areas of the Core Worlds. 170 of the 1000 highest grossing companies of the Core have their headquarters here, second only to Agrysis with 458.

Castenona has seen near-complete destruction twice in its long history, once during the War of Destruction and then again in the Kashouion Rebellion. Since then, the City has been relatively peaceful, seeing little damage in the two Galactic wars.

Capital of: Crelina flag Crelina, Atlieteos Flag Atlieteos, Crelina Federation