The Catastrophe of the Star was a horrific event that scarred the planet Silei for over one thousand years. The precise event occurred in the summer of 19 AKR. The event made Silei, which was and had been the center of galactic affairs for millennia in the past, a barren wasteland for the better part of the thousand years with repopulation beginning in 957 AKR.

As a result of the Catastrophe, Silei could no longer be the capital of the Independent Coalition of Systems. A new planet, Capital, was colonised, and the capital was officially moved there in 22 AKR. It was eventually moved back in 1118 AKR.

Prior Events[]

It was well known that 19 AKR was a year when both stars entered a more active cycle. As such the Coalition had sent a number of new satellites to monitor the stars' activity, which had been steadily increasing as the year progressed.

A Week Before[]

A week before the true event happened a massive solar burst was released from the smaller of the two stars, which caused some satellite malfunction and minimal space traffic disturbance. However, scientists at the Coalition's space monitoring facility were warning that something far worse was on the horizon. Heeding the advice of the scientists, the young Coalition Senate advised all citizens to evacuate the planet as soon as possible, and the Coalition Navy would be dedicated to helping all citizens escape to designated refugee planets across the core. During this time, the Senate was moved to Aqualis as a temporary site to hopefully wait out what everyone was expecting to be a far less drastic event than was predicted.


As the week after the evacuation order came to a close, more than three billion people were still on planet, and another hundred million in the Coalition ships attempting to quickly finish the evacuation. Without warning in the mid-morning an explosion one thousand times larger than the one a week before, erupted from the larger of the stars. The flare raced toward the planet. Unforeseen by scientists was that this explosion set off a reaction in the smaller star that released two new flares within ten minutes of the other. With three flares approaching the planet, it was impossible to relaunch the ships still on the planet. The three flares impacted the planet's magnetosphere within eight minutes of each other. This caused any ships that happened to be in the atmosphere to shut down and begin falling to the planet. Again unpredicted was that the massive solar mirrors that helped to regulate the planet's ordinary desert climate fell toward the surface. These massive objects each impacted the planet causing enormous craters in the cityscape, and causing horrific fires to break out. It is believed that everyone on the planet perished by the end of the day.