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The Kirr

I will follow the basic history of the planet, Aedor, and it's moon Nicc, both are in the Aedor system. Also the society and biology of the one remaining sentient species will be here.

The Kirr empire, of Aedor and Hrakki are part of the Kirr-Kajj Trade Alliance


View of Necc and the Creation Planet from space

Many people in all Different star systems have heard of the Rings of Old giand circles of metal that transport anyone to the nearest other ring, the Kirr have found one of them and are already exploring through it, and creating cities, and hives, it was a full cycle since it's discovery thet anyone dared send a queen, but Aedora was founded in the Hrakki System.

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Antheonic ring near Aedor




First Eclipse[]

Creation (see first part)

Second-Third Eclipse[]

Wars (see first part)

Fourth-Ninth Eclipse[]

Great Drought to present day


The Kirr use a system of astronomical sequences to tell time. since the moon is relatively small but close, and the planet's orbit is elliptical there is only a real eclipse when the moon comletely covers the sun, when it is far away from the sun; in winter...


An Eclipse is a long time, because the total eclipse happens rarely but regularely, at the same time always. 100 Sun-Cycles

A Cycle is the time it takes for the planet to go completely around the sun. 10 Nicc-Cycles

A Nicc-Cycle, is how long it takes the moon to go around the planet, 10 times per cycle. 20 Rises

A Rise is how much time it takes for the planet to turn completely around, so from noon to noon, etcetera

Star Name Aedor, Hrakki
Scientific Name BP1:Aedor BP1:Hrakki
Avg Temperature 11,008 kin, , 5,249 kin
Luminosity 4.8, 3.2
Mass .89E30 tetrels, 6.98E29 tetrels
Radius 1,527 centipars, 986 centipars
Age 40.4 billion GY, 38.5 billion GY
Governorship Queen
Government Swarm
Governor Queen of Aedor-Hive
Largest Civilization Kirr-ej
Capital Aedor-Hive
Weights and Measures HCM
Language Kirraji
Society Class Type B: Interstellar Society
Population 584 billion
Anthem "Pheramone 563564.12347-A"
Motto Do Together What You Can't Do Alone.
Currency Hrak


Recently a number of writings have been found in one of the dunes in the shifting sands near Hive-Aedor, the capital of the Kirr-ej Clan. They describe a sort of circle in the sky, the dialect was found to be Utullesh, a rival clan's dialect. mere Rises later a scribe looked up to see a glowing circle in the sky. A Space-Scout probe was sent and it found the object to be extremely old. the Probe was amazed (after all, all Kirr creations are biological) and the next time it went up was with a canister. To the probe, and the Council's amazement it dissapeared in a flash of color and light when inserted. Further examination revealed a Hardinium surface and some type of runes etched on the side.

Type of Basilicus Civilisation[]

Type B

The reason that they have achieved type B is because they have established colonies on a different planet. However, the interstellar technology used was not of their invention, but instead an antheonic ring.

Great Works[]

Great Lighthouse: Single largest illumination prism on the planet

Throne of Ascension: where Nicca 2 of the 8th Eclipse went to Nicc, or almost!

Hive-Aedor: encompasses 856 square kalhes, or almost 8617 MDUs

Great Library: has ALL Kirr knowledge ever and as much about the aman as they could fing (it is in H-A or Hive-Aedor)

System Map Aman[]


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the Aman Exiles

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