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Aegan Commonwealth
Aegan commonwealth flag.png
Civilization Class Type B: Interstellar Society
Government Type Federated Imperial Democracy
Chief of State Dorn Altagar, Nias Felhedir Tua, and Son Ge-Adiet-Here
Capital City City of Gerdora, Planet Tasara, Aega System
Size 623 Star Systems (1603 Planets)
Formation Commonwealth Supreme Charter
Alliances None
Population 800 billion sentients
Largest City Station Andria, Planet Heruvian, Themulria System
Official Language Syn-Re Lowspeech
Anthem {{{nation anthem}}}
Currency Aegan Credits
Measurement System CSM and CCM
Primary Imports Luxury Goods, Osmium, Iridium, Palladium
Primary Exports Foodstuffs, Technology, Entertainment, Military

Overview Edit

History Edit

Main article: History of the Aegan Commonwealth

The Commonwealth was originally formed in the wake of the Tasaran Nanotech Disaster of 19352. The charter was signed by the ten nations of Tasara (Gethan, Ra-Aldus, Chiedden, Ge-Astat, Telar, Aksana, Ku-Enselen, Uo-Ad-Ahan, Vi-Exed, and Gureidi) and the four nations of Yenir (Haras, Ki-Asenna, Tos-Gennel, and Dorlin). With its enaction came a long period of general peace in the Aega System.

In 19361 the Syn-Re scientist Had Gar-Ithaka developed the first operational Slipstream Drive. The subsequent installation of these drives into Commonwealth starships enabled the spread of the Commonwealth's government into neighboring systems.

Government Edit

Structure Edit

The government of the Aegan Commonwealth is established in the Commonwealth Supreme Charter as a three-branch system that has some elements of democracy and some elements of oligarchy.

Executive Branch Edit

The executive branch of the Commonwealth is led by the three members of the Triumvirate of Sovereigns who exercise broad powers to enforce the laws and preserve the Commonwealth. The current Triumvirate is comprised of Dorn Altagar of Nikris, Nias Felhedir Tua of Orostredon, and Son Ge-Adiet-Here of Tasara.
Under the command of the Triumvirs are the nine executive ministries: Treasury, Foreign Affairs, War, Justice, Domestic Affairs, Education, Agriculture. Transportation, Business and Labor. These ministries oversee the operations of the Commonwealth and are led by a Chief Minister who is appointed by the Triumvirate and confirmed by the Senate.

Legislative Branch Edit

The legislative branch of the Commonwealth is the Commonwealth Supreme Senate. It is composed of sixteen representatives from each member world. The votes of the respresentatives are weighted based on the populations of the world so that the system achieves, as closely as possible, a one-person one-vote relation. Representatives are selected by random lottery from their world's populations once per year as to accurately represent the beliefs of the worlds.

Judicial Branch Edit

The judicial branch of the Commonwealth is headed by the Commonwealth Prime Tribunal. THe sixteen judges of this court are elected by the people of each of the sixteen Commonwealth Districts. Each judge serves a four-year term and may be elected indefinitely.

Sub-Governments Edit

The Commonwealth does not interfere significantly in the affairs of the sub-governments of its worlds. It only stipulates that they must uphold the Commonwealth Charter and the laws of the Senate. As a result, a wide range of governments exist under the Commonwealth, each suited to their respective worlds' cultures.

Economy Edit

Technology Edit

Main article: Commonwealth Technology

The technology of the Aegan Commonwealth is highly advanced and has enabled their ascendancy to Class B Civilization status. The bedrock upon which Commonwealth technology rests is the Trisubstant Null-Point Energy Cell (TNPEC). TNPECs make use of Palladium, Gold, and Neodymium to harvest energy via the Null-Point Field. Such energy is theorectically infinite, but the process degrades the Palladium and Neodymium over time, and they must be replaced.

Perhaps the most visible of the Commonwealth's technological marvels is the Slipstream Drive. Slipstream allows ships to transit vast interstellar distances in very short periods of time. With it, Commonwealth ships have nearly unlimited range and can outmaneuver almost any other ships with regards to long-range travel.

Culture Edit

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