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Agrippina Alpha I
Star Name Anoloclaudia Ariagrippinensium A
Scientific Name BP1:AC-AR-A.1
Class 1.1
Avg Temperature unknown
Luminosity unknown
Mass 1.88E+30
Radius 26,838,339
Age unknown
Governorship His Imperial Majesty's Senate of Agrippa Prime
Government Imperium
Governor His Majesty, Fredericus Agrippinensis XXXVII. of the Latinian Star Imperium/Agrippinian Line
  • Latinian Star Imperium/Treverorian Line
  • Latinian Star Imperium/Vaticanian Line
  • Latinian Star Imperium/Pristinian Line
Largest Civilization Latinio agrippinensis sapiens
Capital Ripuaria on Agrippa Prime
Weights and Measures Latinian Unit System (LUS)
Language Standard Latinian, Aggripo-Latinian
Society Class Type B: Interstellar Society
Population in this system: 489 billion;
total agrippo-latinian: 97.343 trillion;
total latinian: 237.298 trillion
Anthem In sempreta fidelitas (In everlasting joy)
Motto "Pacx sempreti, iuss sempreto, unitas sempreta, liberitas sempreta!"

(Everlasting peace, right, unity and freedom!)

Currency Latinian Agrippan Currency System (LCS)
Productivity 53% NaPro
GDP 458 quadrillion gulden
Imports none
  • Materials (minerals, chemicals etc.)
  • Knowledge
  • Technology
  • Workers
  • Vehicles

Location Edit

Universe-->Basilicus Prime Cluster-->Basilicus Prime Galaxy-->Latinius Arm-->Agrippinia Sector-->Agrippina Alpha I System

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