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Star Name Albian
Scientific Name BP129:Albian
Class F0
Avg Temperature 507.99 STE
Luminosity 2.2
Mass 1.4442E+30 SMU
Radius 6187400 MDU
Age 1.4049E+15 STU
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Government Confederation
Governor {{{system governor}}}
Alliances Albian Confederation
Largest Civilization Albian Confederation
Capital Bretane
Weights and Measures Basilicus Weights and Measures
Language Albian
Society Class Type B: Interstellar Society
Population 38.3 billion
Anthem Sempera Libra
Motto Sempera Libra
Currency Albian commercial credit(ACC)
GDP 11.5% NaPro
Imports Luxury items, foodstuffs, etc.
Exports Foodstuffs, rare earths, petroleum, hydrogen, nanotechnology,etc.


View Of Albian from Albian Spacedock


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The majority of those in the system live on Albian, a pleasant, cool world occupying the system's third orbit. Albians insystem also live on Talon and Greenwood, two of the moons orbiting Greydon, a gas giant converted by terraforming technology to an artificial sun during the colonization of the Albian system, as well as on Winterhold and Beltak.

Albian I: Rock

Albian II: Beltak

Albian III: Albian

Albian IV: Winterhold

Albian V: Greydon

Albian VI: Gannerax

Albian VII: Gemella

Albian VIII: Tannalore


The Albian system is the capital system of the Albian Confederation, a confederal union of freeholds which have their origins in the earliest days of the Dark Time. The Confederation includes the freeholds on Albian, Beltak, Winterhold, the Greydon system, the Albian colonies and the Onarii worlds.

Also, the Confederation maintains a network of deep-range bases both along the Redeemptionist border and in the Vertex, the area in space where the borders of all three of the Darkworlds' major powers meet.


The Council of Equals is the Confederation's ultimate legislative, executive and judicial body, comprising one Freeholder from each of the Confederation's freeholds, the High Commander of the Guard, and the Lord Protector of the Confederation, elected at large by the Confederation's citizens to serve as the Council's presiding officer and its chief represenative to other nations.

The Confederation's main military and police force is the Federal Guard.

For more information, please refer to the article on the Albian Confederation.


Initial ColonizationEdit

The Albian system was the last one colonized by the Free and Democratic Worlds before their destructive civil war. Albian, the sole planet explored in any detail by Free and Democratic Worlds scouts, was established as a penal colony, with minimal technology to begin with, and thus more easily slid into barbarism when the Dark Time came.

For further information concerning the planet's early history, refer to the article on Albian.

The Generation EraEdit

Almost immediately after the establishment of the Confederation, the Council of Equals set their sights on the exploration and colonization of their solar system, beginning with the terraforming of Beltak and Winterhold through the use of nanopresence technology and the subsequent transformation of the protostar Greydon into an artificial sun, facilitating the terraforming of Talon and Greenwood.

At the same time, the Confederation built generation ships at the orbital shipyards above Winterhold, sending them to colonize Paradisio, Diamonte and Decorma, while at the same time conducting research on mass-reaction turbine technology at the Coraan Reserach Labs on Gannerax's largest moon.

Within a thousand years, Beltak, Winterhold, Talon and Greenwood had all become prosperous, thriving, contributing members of the Confederation, with colonies of their own established throughout the system, and the Albians were now ready to take their first steps outside the system.

The First Contact EraEdit

The years between the launch of the Startide and the Redeemption Wars proved to be a boon for all the Albian System's planets, with interstellar contact bringing in commerce and tourists from throughout known space.

It was during this time that the first Dysonian colony, Station Primus, was built at the system's heliosphere to accomodate the increase in interstellar traffic, and to serve as a first line of defense against invasion.

The station seeing almost immediate use, as first contact with the Redeemptionists over Normanda was swiftly followed by an all-out invasion of the system by ten Redeemptionist armadas, two Federal Guard fleets and all the freehold militias rallying around Station Primus' defenses to hold off the enemy in a bloody two-day battle.

War with the Redeemptionists brought about a near halt to the influx of interstellar tourists, but the system prospered nonetheless, as the freeholds geared up to produce warships, weapons and other warfighting materiel.

The Present DayEdit

The bright center of the Confederation, focal point of the wars against the Redeemptionists and melting pot for the various races and cultures of both the Darkworlds and beyond, the Albian System's freeholds and orbital facilities are open, friendly and cosmopolitan, none of this progress marring the natural and terraformed beauty of the system's inhabited worlds, the Albians proving that progress and nature need not be at odds with one another, that both are equal manifestations of the will of Mother Universe.

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