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Aleine System
Star Name Aleine
Scientific Name ASC-00001
Class G
Avg Temperature 5500ºC
Luminosity 3.823E+26 W
Mass 1.85742E+30 Kg
Radius 696,24 Km
Age 4.02 bill GY
Governorship Stellar Republic of Aleine
Government Stellar Republican democracy
Governor Dardana Fiachra, Hayk Phrixus, Ara Ouranos, Vlassis Isolde.
Alliances Aleine Stellar Alliance
Largest Civilization Naeion
Capital Alpiaan
Weights and Measures Metric System
Language Naeite
Society Class Type B: Interstellar Society
Population 47.476.000.000
Anthem War and Peace
Motto Thogether we Overcome
Currency Bit
Productivity Level 1
GDP 17.330 trillion Bits
Imports Dark matter
Exports Unbiquadium, Antimatter, Carbon.

Aleine is the Capital Star System for the Stellar Republic of Aleine which extends trough other 13 star systems. Aleine is 3.02 billion years old, Aleine holds 11 planets: Aleine I, an Iron planet; Aleine II a Terrestrial planet; Alpiaan and Danoudor form a binary system, both planets have tropical climates and are the capital of the Republic; Corius a cold terrestrial planet; Aleine VI a Carbon rich planet; Aleine VII - X all of them Ice giants and Aleine XI a Terrestrial Planet, Alamir, Danoudor and Corius are all within the Planetary Comfort Zone of Aleine.

Aleine is also the home of two regions occupied by thousands of smaller objects, the Aleine asteroid belt and the Aleine Comet Belt, the comet belt hhas over 8 recognized Dwarf Planets most of them are mines or ports for interstellar ships which are too big to anchor safely on the inner ports.



The Aleine system society is caracteristic for being hardworking and intelligent, it is also considered by many to be a friendly and welcoming society. The main religion is Seneism, which is a religion native to Danoudor that expanded trough the system. Atheists and Agnostics are also a great percentage of the population. Poverty and crime is almost non existant due to the strict minimal wage policies that prevent people from being underpayed. The Aleine society main diet is fish and fruit, due to it's abundance in the Daniaan planets.


Sculpting is among the most widely practiced artforms, whlie painting is almost non existant. Architecture through the system focus on natural lighting, because of this, there are few buildings with more than 10 floors, the most notable exceptions are the Republic's Deliberation Chamber, the Daniaan Palace and the Spaceport.


The Aleine System is governed by The Stellar Republic of Aleine, A republic native to the system which has expanded to over 13 stellar systems with a total of 18 habitable planets and tens of terraformed moons. With three habitable planets, the Aleine system si incredibly rare, thus being a special target to other civilizations seeking to expand its borders.

Daniaan is home to the "Republic's Deliberation Chamber" an equivalent to a senate, here the 105 representants and the Great Four gather to make the decisions that will affect the whole Republic.

Trading and EconomicsEdit

Aleine is a system with lots of resources it's main esports are: Unbiquadium, a really rare superconductor used for military pruposes; Antimatter, syntethically massproduced in Corius, its used in missile warheads and as spaceship fuel; and Carbon, incredibly abundant in Aleine VI, its the main costruction material in buildings and spaceships because of its great strength.

It's main port is the Alpiaan InterStellar Port, which currently is under heavy expansio because of it's incapacity to hold large InterStellar Ships, these ships have to anchor either on Aliene Dwarf II or Aliene Dwarf VI which are specialized ports built specially to hold these ships.


Aleine IEdit

Aleine I is a planet mostly composed by iron and other heavy metals, it is believed that it is the metallic core of a Gas giant that lost it's athmosphere due to its proximity to Aleine. Aleine I is currently the biggest Iron mine of the system with over one million workers.

Aleine IIEdit

Aleine II is a mostly unhabited rocky planet, its resources are not enough to justify a mining outpost and its natural conditions and atmosphere are to rough to support life without special installations. Its only current use is as a base for spacial defenses.

Daniaan Binary SystemEdit

The Aleine III.IV system, nicknamed Daniaan, is a system where two planets, Alpiaan and Danoudor orbitate a common center, also known as barycenter, because this center does not lie within either body it is considered a binary center. Daniaan is a tropical system and is also the capital of the Stellar Republic od Aleine. It has 32.5 billion habitants, and the main economic sector is commerce. Travel within both planets is really easy, to the point where even on a relatively early technological level the Neion people were able achieve this. Daniaan has two InterStellar Ports both of which are currently under expansion due to their incapacity to hold the newer extra large InterStellar Ships.


Corius is a cold planet, but is still hot enough to support life, the majority of it's 15 billion habitants work in the industry sector of the planet. Corius most important product is refined antimatter, which is mass produced to use as a fuel for spaceships and as warheads for weapons. But antimatter is not the only important product, Corius also refines and reestructures most of the carbon mined from Aleine VI to be used as construction material. Corius has two Stellar Ports.

Aleine VIEdit

Aleine VI is a planet with a great content of carbon, mostly in the form of diamond and graphite, is the main carbon mine on the Republic and provides 80% of the carbon used in the Republic. it has almost one and a half million workers. Aleine VI is outside the comfort zone, but it still has a population of almost 8 million people. It has one Stellar Port

Aleine VIIEdit

Aleine VII is one of the four Ice Giants of the Aleine System whose atmosphere is mainly composed by Water, methane and ammonia molten ices. Aleine VII is completely unhabitable though it does have around 200 PatrolDrones inside it's atmosphere.

Aleine VIIIEdit

Aleine VIII is the second Ice Giant of the Aleine system ant the biggest, though unhabitable, just like the others, it is used to collect water and methane, to supply the system's need.

Aleine IXEdit

The third and smallest Ice giant, Aleine IX has ditinctive blue rigns home of hundreds of colonies. It is also the home of a Stellar Port.

Aleine XEdit

Fourth and last Ice Giant, it has a few small rings of dust and asteroids some of which are mined, and just like Aleine IX it has a Stellar port.

Aleine XIEdit

Aleine XI is a rocky planet with no atmosphere and a small mining operation, this planet is what could be considered a war planet, with incedibly powerful weapons designed to defend the entire system.

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