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The Alusio System is an enormous system, the largest in the galaxy; it has forty terrestrial planets (and eight gas giants), only twelve of which are inhabited. The terrestrial planets are Amerra, Breezestel, Crystalsee, Eroria, Jaidori, Ravennslie, Shaunisha, Shelee, Tatah Tetel, Aidat, Aranifer, Avandri, Blendira, Delandira, Icello, Ikae, Ilina, Iorua, Ittendora, Lirarnon, Oalden, Oanin, Raicos Trindora, Albiatand Egicias, Caspinaea, Indonius Agalini, Xanycias, Austrene, Asibis, Mercatova, Pontardya Tirarcta, Agardini, Anglatica, Zeelanova, Anisova, Anarctas, Engana, Libardul Amum, Antunur, and Ferrevini. Amerra, Jaidori, Tatah Tetel, Avandri, Ilina, Oalden, Albiatand Egicas, Indonius Agalini, Xanycias, Asibis, Zeelanova, and Ferrevini are the inhabited (some gas giant moons are also inhabited). The system has two stars which, scientists believe, is why there are so many planets. There are three sets of two planets that orbit each other as they orbit the two suns, Breezestel & Crystalsee, Jaidori & Ravennslie, and Albiatand Egicas & Caspinaea. There is one trinary planet system, Xanycias, Asibis, & Zeelanova. There is also one group of four planets that rotate around each other, Tatah Tetel, Aidat, Aranifer, & Avandri. This star systems is also one of the most complex as twelve trade routes pass through this area. Six of the habitable planets; Jaidori, Tatah Tetel, Avandri, Xanycias, Zeelanova, Ferrevini are located in a nebula known as the Sndarcas Nebula. The Nebula makes space travel through here difficult, but not impossible. The Nebula makes all computer equipment useless in the space, but the planets' magneticsphere repel the Nebula directly around the planet thereby allowing mechanical technology to function on the planets' surfaces. The system was at one point part of the Empire of Worlds, but was ceded to the Independent Coalition of Systems in the Treaty of Tundidcant, which ended the Second Galactic War in 2374 AKR. The ICS has given the system fifty-eight senators, two for each inhabited planet or moon.

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