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Arcturus System
Star Name Arcturus
Scientific Name Arcturus V
Class Blue Giant
Avg Temperature 12,500 Kelvin
Luminosity 68,000 L
Mass 19 Solar Masses
Radius 19 Solar Radii
Age 5.5 Billion Years
Governorship Eternal Empire
Government Empire
Governor Consul Handeri the Wise
Alliances N/A
Largest Civilization Eternal Empire
Capital New Star City, Jagga
Weights and Measures Standard Imperial Measurement System
Language Jaggan; Cardai; Standard Imperial
Society Class Type B: Interstellar Society
Population 8.5 trillion
Anthem N/A
Motto Loyalty for Eternity
Currency Standard Imperial Coins
Productivity N/A
GDP Over 100,000 SIC
Imports Spices
Exports Medicinal Herbs, Weaponry


Universe-->Basilicus Prime Cluster-->Basilicus Prime Galaxy-->Urcx Arm-->Trillian Sector-->Arcturus System


The Arcturus star system is located near the center of the Trillian Sector. It is a naturally formed star system consisting of one blue giant star and eight planets, three of which support life. Those three are Jagga, Arien, and Riana. All planets in this system belong to an ever-growing government body known the Eternal Empire, with Jagga being the most-populated planet. The other planets are classified as gas giants, and all used for mining gas used for fuel and chemical weaponry.

Jagga: Birthplace of the Empire[]

Jagga is the most-populated of all the planets located in the Arcturus star system. It is known as the birthplace and home of the Eternal Empire. Jagga is also an unusually large planet, with an area equal to 2/3 of Argonn, the largest gas giant in the system. With cities and monuments everywhere and a population of 5.3 tr illion people, they must be protected at all times. 


A rough map of Jagga created by Arven of Hunter City.

To do this, over 20,000 military compounds and spaceports were built, with over 50,000 manufacturing plants to supply them with all the supplies they need, from laser rifles to medical kits. And just to be safe, over 10 dreadnoughts and 250 space cruisers and escorts control what goes in and out of the planet's atmosphere. Although nobody has invaded the planet as of late, citizens and military personnel alike agree that nothing can get past Jagga's defenses without the Imperial military letting them.

Arien: Haven of Archaeology[]

When first discovered by Arven of Hunter City, Arien seemed like a threat to Jagga's safety because of its close proximity with Jagga. However, explorers confirmed that intelligent sentient life was not present at the time of the exploration. What they did find was an ancient civilization lost in the mists of time: ruins of ancient cities, temples dedicated to countless gods, legends of a long, grueling war with beasts fighting the Arienic peoples. When word of this got to Jagga, archaeologists all across the planet wanted a piece of this action.


A rough map of Arien made by Arven of Hunter City.

Tigarus I did put colonial cities on Arien, but erected them far enough from the archaeological sites so that the cities could expand without damaging any of the sites. Constant research of the Arienic peoples is being recorded by hundreds of archaeologists. Tigarus thought that Arien would be such a hub for archaeology that in all ten colonial cities established on the planet was an academy for archaeology, where Imperial citizens would learn about history and archaeology on Jagga, Arien, and Riana.

Riana: Home of the Cardai[]

When Riana was discovered by Arven of Hunter City, Riana seemed the most dangerous threat to the Eternal Empire because of technological advances that could match and even possibly outmatch that of Jagga and the Eternal Empire. But when the Treaty of Riana was signed, the Eternal Empire took control of that power and used it to further advance the technology of Imperial-held planets. Gas mines owned by Vulcan Mining Co. were established on gas giants such as Argonn and Ygana. The first Imperial war droids, known as the WD Hunter-class ver. 1.0, were created by a team of Jaggan and Cardai scientists.


A rough map of Riana made by Arven of Hunter City.

The substance known as "rokar" used to be a legendary fiery substance on Arien. It was recreated by a team of Imperial Cardai scientists, using substances on Arien and the description of the substance recorded by the Arienic peoples to recreate what they think might be rokar. Thanks to the Treaty of Riana, Imperial technological advances became possible, helping the daily lives of citizens, the Imperial military, and the scientific community advance in great ways.

Argonn: Gas Giant[]

Argonn is the largest planet in the Arcturus system, and is also the largest gas giant in the system. Mainly made up of a gas called "lithogen", which is used mainly as fuel for the Imperial Navy, Argonn has hundreds of gas mines across the planet, all owned by Vulcan Mining Co. The planet isn't just a gas mining planet: it is also the closest planet to Jagga, making it a tourist attraction. Jaggans have called Argonn the "Violet Star" before space travel. In fact, when Arven of Hunter City first set off to explore space, his first stop was the Violet Star.


A view of Argonn from space

Of course, it wasn't actually a star: Argonn was a planet, and the lithogen composition gave the planet its illuminating, purple glow. Now, sponsored by VMC, Arven Exploration Co. has a monthly "space cruise" of the Arcturus system, known as the Violet Star Express. One of Jagga's ten dreadnoughts was also named the Violet Star in honor of its illuminating presense in the sky. Its admiral, Jec of Hunter City, had it painted with purple stripes, giving the powerful dreadnought a unique look.

The Eternal Empire's Expansion[]

The Eternal Empire was established on the planet Jagga in ancient times, more specifically in its first city Everstone. Through war and conquest, the Eternal Empire took over every inch of land on the mainland, defeating every enemy enemy that stood in their way. Their allies, the Sharkan tribes and Krookyan Republic, kept their territories when they merged into the Eternal Empire. Run by the Eternal Emperor, a monarch that is said to be reincarnated from the previous Emperors, the Eternal Empire became a haven of both military strength and fascinating culture.

At one point, the Eternal Empire invented their first starships that were capable of flying out of Jagga's atmosphere and into space. The very first Imperial vessel ever made was the Endeavor, the very first battle cruiser inducted into what would become known as the Eternal Navy. So, the fifteenth Eternal Emperor, Crovan III, sent out an expeditionary force, led by famed explorer Arven of Hunter City, to find new planets to conquer or colonize. Arven and his team flew three JT-1 Pathfinders into space in search of planets that could sustain life. After a year of anticipation, Arven finally came back with a map of the entire Arcturus star system, including two other planets that could sustain life. For five more years, Crovan would prepare his military forces for war, producing millions of weapons and training millions of troops, all in preparation of conquest and glory. Unfortunately, Crovan was assassinated by a Silver Shadow assassin hired by his Imperial Administrator, Kyros of New Star City. Kyros offered himself to be Eternal Emperor in place of the deceased Crovan. He almost succeeded, until Imperial Black Ops soldiers discovered the Administrator's secret and executed him in his private estate. So, Crovan III's successor would be his greatest general, Tigarus I.

Tigarus promised to fulfill Crovan's dream of an interplanetary empire and would personally lead the Imperial charge towards victory. In memory of his predecessor and best friend, Tigarus built the first ever dreadnought built by Imperial manufacturers: Crovan's Vengeance.

The following year, Tigarus commenced the assualt of the first target: the planet Arien. All the resistance the military received were a couple attacks from Arienic Vultures, which resulted in only cuts and bruises. They did find ruins of an ancient civilization that called themselves "The Enlightened". After establishing colonial cities on the planet, Tigarus invaded the second and final target: Riana.

Riana was home to a group of feline-like sentients that called themselves the Cardai. This group of people were extremely talented in the fields of engineering and technology. They had their own starships and could've easily defeated the Empire in due time. However, their leader, Lioran the Pious, was a pacifist and wanted no bloodshed for his people. He signed the Treaty of Riana, which stated that all of Riana was in possession of the Eternal Empire, and all would serve the Eternal Emperor. Although he could've easily turned the Cardai into slaves, Tigarus followed the views of all the past Emperors, seeing that slavery was unjust and, more importantly, promoted rebellion. Instead, the Cardai were treated as equals by the humanoid Jaggans, and Lioran saw the merge as an increase in living conditions of his people.

Later on, gas mines were established on the other five gas giants in the Arcturus star system. This increased the amount of fuel and chemical weapons for Imperial use, further increasing the capabilities of the Eternal Empire.

Then, Tigarus established a new administration so that if Tigarus couldn't control the system because of certain issues, somebody else would do it for him. So, he appointed Handeri the Wise, a Jaggan with a good reputation among scholars and nobles alike, to the position of Consul of the Arcturus System so that Handeri could oversee the business in the system. He would also do this for other star systems conquered by the Eternal Empire.

Foreign Relations[]

Soon, Imperial sources reported that another nation known as the Interstellar Dominion was expanding greatly in multiple sectors. This caused the huge blockade of Jagga and mobilization of most of the Imperial troops. Currently, no war has been declared as of late, but the Eternal Empire is still gearing up for an all-out conflict just in case.

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