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Basilicus RPG is a system of Role Playing Game mechanics utilizing the GFDL. It is open content so that it can be adapted and incorporated into any game and genre. This version provides only the building blocks for the system that can then be expanded to work in any genre.

Please note that the materials in this document are not necessarily intended for functional game use, but rather to provide a framework that can be adapted to any genre, function, or need. This is the skeleton of a game system and utilizes only very generic and basic terms. The users of the system and game developers can now have more freedom in cultivating the system to their own specific needs.

Role Playing GamesEdit

A tradition whose modern incarnation began in the 1970s—much earlier versions, such as Roman theatre and gladiator games, exhibit the same ideas—Role Playing Games (RPGs) are a genre of game wherein players control the actions of a character in an open-ended story. These games come in a variety of forms including video games, message-board games (play by post), chatroom games, and massive-multiplayer online games. This particular game is called "tabletop" and is the original style of role playing. A single person creates a plot and coordinates the game, while player dictate their actions in relation to the plot.

Although many players go all the way with it, you don't necessarily have to "act out" the role of your character. You are simply participating in a cooperative verbal storytelling session, where the outcome of your actions is determined by a set of game rules. This style is called "tabletop" because traditionally it is played around a table with game documents and dice handy.

The roles of a game session are as follows:

  • Game Master (GM): this person creates the plots for your story and is in charge of coordinating the players, running the game, and implementing the game rules.
  • Players: the people who create characters in the story and dictate their actions based on the GM's story.
  • Player Characters (PCs): the characters players use in the story
  • Non Player Characters (NPCs): the characters GMs use in the story

Game rules are the guidelines from which the story is told. While "free form" role playing is certainly a great way to go, this particular game does not use that method. Free form means that there are no rules and players simply tell a cooperative story. Having game rules means that the player cannot determine the outcome of decisions or actions he or she makes. It is up to the GM to determine the outcome by using the rules (often called the "system" or "mechanics").

To play, determine who your GM is, read the rules, sit around and tell your story over snacks and drinks.

About Basilicus RPGEdit

There are countless ways to play an RPG, some popular forms being Free Form RPG, Tabletop RPG, computer game RPG, among others. Basilicus RPG is a set of game rules for a Tabletop RPG. Although you don't need prior experience to play this kind of game, it best if you first play with an experienced role player to see how it is done.

Unlike many traditional RPGs, Basilicus RPG does not utilize levels, classes, or experience points. These concepts are arbitrary measurements of advancement and have little to do with a character's actual effectiveness or learning curve. Instead, characters in the Basilicus RPG system advance their skills through practice and learning. Basilicus RPG mechanics put more emphases on realistic in-character achievements then on arbitrary scores.

A skill-based system ensures that players can completely customize their characters with no class limitations. Skill sets are determined by a character's background and career. The player can also choose to advance in whatever skill he or she wants simply by developing it in-character. The rules are designed to encourage role playing over power gaming.

The Spirit of Basilicus RPG is to create and successfully implement a Role Playing Game System without arbitrary scores such as "experience points", "initiative", "levels", and "skill points." The mechanics rely on a natural advancement of skills through character background and actions within game play. It is hoped that all adaptations, enhancements, and alterations to the Basilicus RPG system adhere to this spirit.

Basilicus RPG's mission is to create a user-friendly, understandable and realistic Role Playing Game System that does not consume game play nor ignore the elements of realism necessary for a complete and enjoyable role playing experience.

BRPG is the primary section of Project RPG. Completely different roleplaying systems are welcome, but currently don't exist.


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