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Basilicus Prime
Basilicus Prime Preview
Common Attribution Basilicus Prime
Scientific Name BP1
Total Stars 1.5x10^11
Star Systems {{{Star Systems}}}
Size 80,000 dly diameter
Galactic Arms Nine
Satellite Galaxies {{{Satellite Galaxies}}}
Regions 3 regions split into 1,769 sectors
Sentient Species Approx. 2,000
Primal Species Approx. 2.8x10^21


Planets, star systems and interstellar gasses rotate around the Prime Core sector, the location of the super massive Black Hole Inatus (01.01). There are nine logarithmic spirals starting at the outer edges of Inatus, radiating outwards, forming nine arms. The arms form three groups of two minor arms and one major arm. These groups are known as Galactic Regions, which are (clockwise as seen from Galactic North):

Caesia RegionEdit

Tataria RegionEdit

Romia RegionEdit


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The galaxy is divided into nearly two thousand Sectors, whose location can be given as a pair of numbers separated by a period (eg 06.35), known as Galactic Co-ordinates. Of these numbers, the first is the Rim Number, specifying which concentric group the sector belongs to; these increment from 01 at the core to 30 at the rimward edge. The second is the Radial Number, which indicates its sequential order from Galactic Meridian (Basilicus), going clockwise.

BasilicusMap v1

Map of Basilicus Prime (view full for details)

In addition, locations within the galaxy may be referred to as belonging to one of four Quadrants, labelled A to D. The region beyond Rim 30, up to a distance of 60,000 dly from the galactic centre, is known as the Outer Rim. Due to sparse activity and mapping, the Outer Rim is not divided into sectors (although Quadrant or Arm may be used to specify locality).


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Basilicus Prime was loosely formed about 40 billion years ago and took its current shape about 22 billion years ago. About 5 billion years later, the first known species was born near the centre of the galaxy. It was their society that enabled interstellar civilisation for hundreds of species throughout the rest of the galaxy.


In the Ionro Arm of Basilicus Prime, a network of interstellar civilizations exists in close proximity to one another. They know of each other and are involved in various negotiations and conflicts.

In the Latinius Arm of Basilicus Prime, there is a collection of Empires, which all are formed by the same species: the Latinians. They have built an alliance, forming the Latinian Star Imperia.

Notable FeaturesEdit

The first known civilization in Basilicus Prime erected a number of rings in the galaxy, that are used to transport travelers to other rings, by dimensional shifting. This method of transport results in a total lack of time expenditure for the traveller. It is currently unknown how many of these rings exist or where they are all located.

The Shinkadomayaka star system is a sentient star system that travels through the Urcx Arm. It is home to the Aelthers and the Klusterthoughts.

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