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Like other galaxy clusters, the Basilicus Prime Cluster consists of hundreds of galaxies. At present, 486 galaxies are identified in the Basilicus Prime Cluster. Held together by massive gravitational energies, the Basilicus Prime Cluster is actually an average cluster, realizing that other clusters can reach many more hundreds of galaxies, or in the case of superclusters, thousands.

Although irregular, the distance between galaxies averages at about 750,000 holds, reaching a diameter of 800 million holds. 7% of the cluster's mass are composed of galaxies, 12% of X-rays from intergalactic gas and 91% is dark matter. Each galaxy, although contained within the gravitational relationship, has an individual velocity averaging at 1 centipar per Galactic Hour.

The Basilicus Prime Cluster is named after the first interstellar civilization to recognize it: the Basilicus Prime Galaxy.

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