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The term Core Worlds refers to the section of the Avopei-Larru Galaxy that surrounds the unexplored area of the Galactic Center. The Core Worlds are the worlds placed under the jurisdiciton of the Independent Coalition of Systems by the Galactic Compact. The Core Worlds are believed to be the first inhabited worlds, and the Mid and Outer-Ring are for the most part colony worlds of some of the Core Worlds. The Core Worlds are the most heavily populated and densly clustered worlds. The majority of wealth in the Galaxy is centered in this area, which has caused increasing stress among the Three Galactic Governments. While not part of the Core Worlds the Alusio System is considered part of the Arihelia Sector, and therefore the ICS, under the Treaty of Tundidcant.

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  • Map of the Core Worlds without Sectors
  • Map of the Sectors of the Core Worlds

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